Why Visit the MN Ren Fest?

A bit of history, shows, food and so much more. Find out why I keep going back to the MN Renaissance Festival.

by DayTripper28.com



From The Washing Wetches, Puke & Snot and the Danger Committee, to Jousting and Sword Swallowers. They have it all. 

Themed Weekends


Each weekend has a whole new theme. Wine, Chocolate and Romance, Highland Fling, Woofstock, Oktoberfest and more!

Court Life


Get gitty as the you see the Royal Court pass by, let by King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth. Get a chance to meet them.



The Renaissance Festival is the perfect time to play dress-up. Find your kilt, corsets, pirate boots, wear a sword, or put on your fairy wings. Almost anything goes.

Family Friendly


Join Juggling School, see a live mermaid, walk through the Fairywing Forest and maybe even meet one! Then get knighted by the King and Queen. 

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