Wild Mountain Waterpark

Essential Things to know before visiting Wild Mountain Water Park

Pack a picnic and some bathing suits because it’s time for Wild Mountain Waterpark. My family and I partnered with Wild Mountain Waterpark in Taylors Falls this past weekend and we had a fabulous time exploring the park. They are located only about an hour and a half away from the Twin Cities making it a great Summer Day Trip from Minneapolis. We lucked out and went on a boiling hot day.

Wild Mountain Water Park

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Wild Mountain Waterpark

The Taylors Falls Waterpark has a lot of different attractions. You can opt to purchase just one ride or go on all-day Superday Pass. I like this pay system because you only pay for what you want to do. Also if there are guests that just want to watch in your group, they don’t get charged. They also welcome you to bring your own food and drinks, similar to the Taylors Fall Scenic Boat Rides. It’s a great way to cut some of those costs.

Since the temps were in the upper 80s, we spend most of our day at the water park side. Here is a rundown of all the water activities.

The Water Slides

The Super Chute (aka the pink slide)

It is a traditional open flume slide. It has a lot of speed and curves and drops you off into a big pool. This was my family’s favorite ride. We went down it multiples times with the kids on a double tube. It wasn’t long before my 6-year-old wanted to go down by herself. I was a little apprehensive, especially when my 3-year-old wanted to do it too. They both did great. If it’s your kids first experience, I recommend a parent going down first, so they can be there to catch them at the bottom. The water was waist deep, and our kids needed to be guided to the exit. I’m sure the great staff, would have helped them, but you know how kids can be sometimes.

*This is the only slide you can bring a double tube on.

The Hydro Tube (aka the green tube)

It is similar to the Super Cute in speed, twist turns and landing. The only difference is you are fully enclosed. My daughter was a little concerned to do this because it was darker inside. I found after going on it that the tube allowed light in and you went a little slower with less fear of tipping over. She did fine.

The Black Hole (aka the black slide)

From the outside, you cannot tell what kinds of slide it is. There is no way to know how steep the slide is. I got up to the top of this one around the same time as another parent. We were both telling the other to go first. I finally got the nerve to go for it. I felt as though I was plummeting straight down. I’ve only done a slide like this one other time and that was at Valley Fair. The difference is, this one is in complete darkness. Some of it even goes underground. After what felt like an eternity, I finally saw light again. But those that have experienced these slides will know, it comes with a sudden rush of water up your entire body. Must be 48 inches or higher to go on it. Even then, you may want to wait for your kids to get a little older. It’s nerve-wracking.

Big County (aka the blue slide)

This slide goes slow. You travel on 9 shoots with each one leading into a pond. This one I would not recommend going on until your kids can go on their own. Even then, they have to be comfortable in the water. The kids were too small to go solo on this one, but they could sit on our lap. On each of the pools, we got stuck. I was able to bump into my husband and son after they got stuck and push them down the next shoot, but I had to rely on the staff to help me get down the next shoot. If I was going solo, I would have been able to paddle a little easier to the next shoot. It was quite challenging to do with a kid on your lap.

I loved how Wild Mountains Waterpark slides were set up. The slides provided a lot of speed and thrills that you expect. It also didn’t seem like you had to go up an endless amount of stairs. The entrance to all the slides, except for Big Country, was all on the same platform. Each had their own line and set of stairs, but I was sharing a platform. That made it easy for me to help get my kids their tubes to the top. Then I could just jump over to the correct slide.

Wild Mountain Waterpark
Wild Mountain Waterpark
Wild Mountain Waterpark

Wild Adventure Island

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Wild Adventure Island. They opened about an hour after the rest of the park did. The best chairs and umbrellas can be found there. They are also home to the lazy river. It was where we hung out after doing the endless amount of water slides. My kids loved getting to run all over the kids slides. There was plenty of water hoses and buckets to keep them cool. They even have a 350-gallon bucket of water that empties every few minutes on the kids.

Wild Mountain Waterpark Water Fountains
Wild Mountain Waterpark Lazy River
Wild Mountain Waterpark River

Other Activities

They also have Go-Karts, Kiddie Go-Karts, and Alpine slides. If you are brave, you can even do a Freefall XP Experience. This is the only thing that’s not included in the Superday Pass. After going on the black hole, I’m not sure I could have gotten the nerve to do it. You jump 18’ or 27’ from a tower into an airbag. It’s perfect for the thrill seeker in your family. If you’re spending the weekend in Taylors Falls, check out: How to Spend a Weekend In Taylors Falls Minnesota | The Itinerary

You can get your tickets for the park online at Wild Mountain Waterpark or at the park.

** Thank you to Wild Mountain Waterpark for providing my family with passes to enjoy the park. 

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Wild Mountain is the best way for your family to cool down this summer. A short trip from the Twin Cities, in Taylors Falls.

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