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20 Safest Cities In MN In 2024: Report

Many cities across the state continue to rank among the safest places to live in Minnesota, according to an annual report released this week by SafeWise, a security product review platform.

The report analyzed FBI crime statistics for cities in the state to determine the 20 Safest Cities in Minnesota for 2024.

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Top 20 Safest Cities

Montevideo claimed the top spot as Minnesota’s safest city this year, according to the SafeWise report. The remaining cities in the top 20 safest included:

  1. Goodview
  2. New Ulm
  3. Elko New Market
  4. La Crescent
  5. Corcoran
  6. Lonsdale
  7. Big Lake
  8. Bayport
  9. St. Joseph
  10. Dayton
  11. Medina
  12. South Lake Minnetonka
  13. Buffalo
  14. Rosemount
  15. Minnetrista
  16. West Hennepin
  17. Hibbing
  18. St. Charles
  19. Belle Plaine

The rankings are based on an analysis of the most recent FBI crime data for cities across the state with populations above 3,000 residents.

Crime Rates See Minor Shifts

While many cities maintained their standing as safe havens, the report showed some shifts in statewide crime rates compared to the previous year.

Minnesota’s crime rates saw some shifts compared to the previous year. The state’s violent crime rate rose slightly from 3.2 incidents per 1,000 people to 3.4. However, its property crime rate decreased from 20.6 per 1,000 to 19.9.

Despite the rise in violent crime, Minnesota remained below the national average of 4.0 incidents per 1,000 people, ranking as the 15th lowest state for violent crime. For property crime, the state ranked 20th highest among all states.

Minnesotans’ Security Concerns

The report also surveyed Minnesotans about their experiences with crime and security practices:

  • 28% reported experiencing property crime in the past year, up 17% from the previous year.
  • 41% said they experienced package theft, higher than the 35% national average.
  • 37% increased security measures like installing cameras or alarms.
  • 29% said they don’t use any property protection measures, above the 25% national average.
  • Security cameras were the top protective measure used by 39% of Minnesotans surveyed.

Despite some concerning trends, many cities demonstrated their continued commitment to public safety. The full SafeWise report, including methodology and city rankings, can be viewed on their website.

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