Things to do at Beaver Creek State Park in Minnesota

Hiking Beaver Creek Valley State Park in Minnesota in 2024

Check out Beaver Creek Valley State Park in southeastern Minnesota for a stunning and secluded valley to explore.

This idyllic park situated in the scenic driftless area of Minnesota offers breathtaking views, unique hiking trails, and an abundance of activities for visitors of all ages.

This State Park is a beautiful, well-maintained park in southern Minnesota. It’s been on my radar for a while now and one I’ve been extinct to tackle.

That’s because it’s one of the longest as far as state parks hiking club trial miles. It also proves a good mix of challenging terrain and beautiful scenery.

With a long weekend trip to Lake Louise, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out for ourselves.

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What is Beaver Creek Valley State Park?

Beaver Creek Valley State Park is a breathtaking destination located in southern Minnesota. This beautiful park boasts clear streams fed by numerous streams.

There are 8 miles of hiking trails. The park is managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which ensures that visitors enjoy a safe and quality experience while exploring the park. 

The park’s woodland offers visitors a great opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty, and it is a great destination for families. Beaver Creek Valley State Park is the perfect destination for camping in southern Minnesota. 

When Was Beaver Creek Valley State Park Created?

Beaver Creek Valley State Park is a 1,200-acre state park located in southeastern Minnesota. It’s near the town of Caledonia. The park was established in 1937.

The park is part of the scenic driftless area of Minnesota, which means that it was not covered by glaciers during the last ice age. This created a unique geology of towering bluffs, sandstone and dolomite layers, and a pristine river valley.

Beaver Creek Valey State Park morning dew on flower

Planning a Visit to Beaver Creek Valley State Park

What You Need to Know Before You Go

Before visiting Beaver Creek Valley State Park, it’s important to know what to expect. The park is open year-round, and there is an entrance fee to get in.

Pets are allowed in the park, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. Visitors should also be aware that there is limited cell phone service in the park as you are in a deep ravine.

Getting to Beaver Creek Valley State Park

Beaver Creek Valley State Park is located near the town of Caledonia, Minnesota. The park is easily accessible by car and is located about 155 miles southeast of Minneapolis. To get to the park, take Minnesota State Highway 76 south from Houston, MN for about 7 miles until you reach the park entrance.

What are the best things to do at Beaver Creek Valley State Park?

The Bever Creek Valley State Park Hiking Club Trail

Miles: 6.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Total Miles Hiked: 174.8 miles

Cuz this is what it’s all about. We actually made a special trip to the park just for this epic trail. 

The hiking club trails is broken into two sections, taking you the full length of the park. The Beaver Creek Valley Trail to the north. And the Big Spring Trail, West Rim Trail and the Hole in the Rock Trial on the south end. These three trails encompass the lower area. 

The lower section is the most challenging as it takes out up and out of the valley, but will give you a great view of the area. Not only is it more strenuous, it is also iffy depending on the time of the year. Skip this if there is flooding in the area. 

The northern section is through the river valley. We tackled this on an 88 degree day and found that it was much cooler in the valley.

The trail crosses the river with small foot bridges 4 different times and runs along the creek. You’ll get plenty of chances to see the trout swimming by. 

Many anglers were using this trail to get to the best places for fishing for brown trout.

Beaver State Park Crossing
Hiking Club Password at Beaver Creek Valey State Park

Beaver Creek Valley State Park Camping Overnight?

The camping options at Beaver Creek Valley State Park are exceptional. The park has drive-in sites, walk-in sites, and camper cabins. The campground is located near the river, and all campsites offer easy access to the park’s hiking trails.

The sites were perfect for RVs, tents and car camping. They have a dump station and 16 electric sites. 42 drive-in sites, with an RV length limit of 55 feet.

If you aren’t a traditional camper, make sure to check out their camper cabins. There are no group camp sites in this park.

Fishing in the Beaver Creek State Park Trout Streams

Fishing is a popular activity at Beaver Creek Valley State Park. The park is home to several trout streams, including the Beaver Creek and several native brook trout streams.

Brown trout is a popular species to target. The creek was filled with them.  If you are fishing for trout, you’ll need a trout stamp.

Birds and Wildlife at Beaver Creek Valley State Park

Beaver Creek Valley State Park is a great place for bird and wildlife watching. The park is home to a variety of bird species, including the Acadian flycatcher and the Louisiana Waterthrush. 

Visitors can also spot deer, timber rattlesnakes, and other wildlife while exploring the park’s trails and campsites

I lost track of the number of deer we found early in the morning.


The park also has a small playground for the kids near the picnic area.

Beaver Creek Valey State Park Bridge

Where is the best place to hike in Beaver Creek Valley State Park? 

The park has some excellent hiking trials, taking you into some deep valleys and over streams and rivers. If you are looking for a challenge, consider the Hole in Rock Trail.

If you are looking for an easier trail, sick with the Beaver Creek Valley Trail.

What is the longest trail in Beaver Creek Valley State Park?

The longest trail is a combination of the multiple trails that make up the hiking club trail.

Beaver Creek Valey State Park Crossing

Would I go back to Beaver Creek Valley State Park? 

Yes, it was a great park to explore in southern Minnesota. We only had a day in the park and didn’t get the opportunity to hike it all. The best way to do it, is to stay overnight. 

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