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Arts and Culture

Minneapolis has a thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to renowned theaters such as the Guthrie Theater and the Orpheum Theatre, where Broadway shows and other performances take place.


Minneapolis has a rich history in flour milling and was once known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World.” The iconic Stone Arch Bridge, spanning the Mississippi River, was originally built to transport grain from mills to other parts of the country.


Minneapolis has a vibrant music scene. Producing influential artists like Prince, Bob Dylan, and The Replacements. The city’ has a variety of music venues that showcase local and national talent, including ‘s most legendary location is First Avenue, featured in the film “Purple Rain.”

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Things to do in Minneapolis

When it comes to visiting St Paul, you have to check out the Capital. Not only do they have great gardens, but they also offer free tours. Inside you’ll get the chance to see the history of MN, and what makes MN such a great place to visit.

Best Places to Stay

Where to stay In Minnesota

Target Field Ball

Target Feild

The MN Twins are playing at Target Field all summer long. Want to get the best deal on tickets? Maybe save a few dollars on food. Check this out first!

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Minneapolis has some great history. From historic homes, to electrifying museums. Check out all the ones you can get into for FREE.

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Outdoor Parks

Minneapolis is known of the town of lakes. With all that green space, you gotta make sure to spend some time in one of the great parks!

“Minneapolis is a city of lakes and dreams, where nature and urban life blend seamlessly.”

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Big waterfall in the city

Minneapolis most famous waterfall is Minnehaha Falls. Thanks to its ice cave hidden behind it in winter. Find out how to visit the falls safely this year!

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Hikes in minneapolis

Did you know you don’t have to drive far to hike around Minneapolis? There are some great trails no one knows about close by. Check them out.

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Romantic Spots

Have a date planned? Minneapolis has some great romantic hideaways. Perfect for your next night out.


Indoor Waterparks

Minneapolis is home to some great indoor waterparks. From City run parks to privately owned. You can visit these any time of year.

Minneapolis Favorites