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Winter in Minnesota

Winter Wonderlands

Not only does Minnesota turn into a winter wonder land with fresh snow, and icy formation, but you’ll also find some great Christmas light displays.

Northern lights

Winter in the best time to see northern lights. When the skies are clear, the lights dance through the sky. It’s a magical treat.

Ice Castles

Come check out Minnesota’s ice castles, mazes and more. Each one is it’s own festival with slides, food and more!

Palisades Head

things to do in Minnesota During Winter

Winter is a great time to explore Minnesota. With sledding, skiing, ice mazes, holiday lights and so much more. Don’t stay inside, get out and enjoy the season with these great ideas.

Best Places to Stay

Where to stay In Minnesota

Ice Castle

Minnesota Ice Castles

Minnesota’s cold has it’s perks. They allow for artists to build amazing castles. Lit up a night, these magical ice castles are around for just a short time.

Glow Holiday Lights

Christmas Light Displays

Channel your inner Clark Griswald and get inspired at these beautiful Christmas Light Displays all over the state.

Slot Canyon

Hidden Slot Canyon

Did you know there is a hidden slot canyon in St Paul? The best part is, it has a waterfall hidden inside. Best viewing is in winter.

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.”

Susan Orlean
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Duluth in Winter

The city that doesn’t slow down. Duluth is a great place to escape to. With romantic lodges, smore’s, skiing, and even the occasional paddleboard.

Sledding Hill

Sledding Hills

Feel like a kid again as you sled down the hills. The Twin Cities has some great sledding hills. Find out where these epic hills are hiding.

Polar Plunge Tips

Polar Plunge

Thinking of taking the plunge? Here are some tips if you are that kind of Minnestoa Crazy.

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Winter Getaways

Looking for a great weekend getaway? Minnesota has some great towns packed with things to do.

Minnesota Winter Favorites