A peak at the renovations inside the MN State Capitol

Inside the Minnesota State Capitol | An Architectural Marvel

The Minnesota State Capitol has been on my bucket list for years. Ever since I was a teenager and took a spontaneous trip to Washington DC with my family. It almost gave me chills to be standing there. It is where history happens and laws are shaped. That was when I realized that I had never seen my own state capital. It would take me another decade before I finally had a good excuse to go.

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Inside the Minnesota State Capitol Renovations

The capitol building just went through a $310 Million dollar restoration project. Because of the project, public tours had been stopped for a good part of last year. They reopened in January of 2017. I couldn’t wait to get inside and see it firsthand.

The outside consists, of Georgia Marble. The architect, Cass Gilbert wanted it to look distinctive from the distance. This upset most Minnesotans at the time but it was a great choice. It gave the capital a magnificent white exterior that stands out in a sea of limestone. Most of the materials inside the capital building were made from Minnesota materials.

The restoration brought back the original appearance of the paintings and murals adorning the capital. Also, they also did some much-needed repair work to the marble on the outside. They are doing work on a lot of the skylights of the dome structures. The carpeting was replaced to match the original appearance. In the renovations, they moved offices and made almost 40,000 square feet for public gathering spaces. They are still completing finishing work.

Dome at the MN State Captiol
Inside the MN State Capitol
The Rotunda at the MN State Capitol
Checking out the MN State Capitol

The Governors Reception Room

Private Entrance at the Governors Chambers MN Capitol
Hosting a Press Conference at the MN State Capitol
Couldn’t resist giving my own press conference while I was there!

The House of Representatives Chamber

House Chambers

Sitting the in seat of governments at the Minnesota State Capitol

The Minnesota Supreme Court

The Minnesota Supreme Court
The Minnesota Supreme Court

Visiting the Minnesota State Capitol

Self-guided tours are available. They give you the opportunity to see things at your own pace without the groups. If you want to get more access, I recommend taking one of the Free Tour. They are available at the top of the hour, every hour. Going on a tour will get you governor’s Reception room and inside the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives. They are normally closed to the public.

Grand Re-Opening

The grand re-opening of the Minnesota State Capitol is on August 11th-13th. You will see it in its original splendor. Walking around, you will see the capital as it looked 112 years ago. They will also have the roof access opened back up to tours so you can get a glimpse of the golden statute.

Virtual Tour

The Minnesota State Capitol

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