28 Unique Gift Ideas for Road Trip Travelers

28 Unique Gifts for Road Trip Travelers

Buying things for someone that spends a lot of time on the road can be challenging. Especially if they travel minimalistic. Often time space is limited in their car or on the airplane carry-ons. They don’t want the extra weight. But no matter how minimalistic they are, I guarantee that they will love these unique gift ideas for Road Trip travelers.

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Unique Gifts for Road Trip Travelers

Personalized Neckless or Bracelet with Home Coordinates

Every traveler wants to be reminded of home. Some people like to go loud and proud with their State attire, but they may want something more personal.

That’s why they will love a custom bracelet or pendant with the coordinates of home. Now they will always be reminded about where they came from.

Coordinate Bracelet

Scratch Map

Scratch off Map

Do you know someone who’s trying to visit all 50 State? It’s on just about everyone’s to-do list. A scratch map is a great way to track the milestone.

This scratch map has a watercolor on the bottom making the end result is something special.ir?t=daytr047 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B071JG87N3

Collapsible Water Bottle

Whenever you travel, having a water bottle close by is a great way to stay hydrated. But if you are going through TSA, they will confiscate your liquids.

On the road, extra bottles can take up some valuable cupholder space. What I love about the Magiclocci Collapsible Water Bottle is that it stays sturdy when filled.

When you are done, just roll it up. This one comes with a flip top, so it feels like a normal bottle.

Collapsible water bottle

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to keep stay organized and is space saving. These can be stacked in luggage, backpacks and in the car.

The trick with packing cubes is having a sturdy zipper and sides without adding much weight to your travels. This set is perfect.

Travelers Backpack

Sometimes when you are on a trip, a lightweight backpack is a great alternative to shopping bags. That where the Venture Pal Packable backpack comes in.

It is great when you are tight on space because it can compress down small. You can throw it in a purse or duffle bag to use later.

Travel Backpack

Day Pack

When you need something every day, this daypack is perfect for your hiker. Its build tough and perfect to accompany someone on a hike or just exploring a town.

They can throw a lunch, water, trekking poles camera and everything else they might need.

Day Pack

Accessories Storage Case

With electronics, one thing is for sure, the cords always seem to multiply. That’s why your traveler would love a Bagsmart carrying case.

This case is shockproof and waterproof which is perfect for making sure your accessories stay safe when you stuff it in your bag, or if it falls on the floor of your car.

As a bonus, your traveler won’t be spending their time trying to dig out the one cord they actually need.ir?t=daytr047 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XW489HV

Cord Organizer for Travel

SPI Belt Fanny Pack

The SPIBelt was originally for runners, but this is the perfect place to put your valuables while traveling. It is easily hidden under your clothing if you are in a situation where pick pocking is prevalent.

Or if your travel attire doesn’t contain pockets. This belt will easily fit your extra cash, ID, credit card or keys.ir?t=daytr047 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002OF3FOC

Fanny pack

ROO Hammock by Kammock

There isn’t one person with a wanderlust soul that doesn’t want a hammock on their gear. Having a place to relax any time with a Roo Hammock by Kammock.

They have a lifetime warranty. With every purchase, a portion of the profits goes to help create sustainable change in Kenyan communities.ir?t=daytr047 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007KGHSDE


Portable Solar Charger

When you are out, get a little more juice for your electronics with a Hobest Water-Resistant Outdoor Solar Power Bank. This is great for people that like to get off the grid.

When fully charged, this device can repower an iPhone7 three times. What I love about the Hobest Solar Charger is its ability to charge two phones at the same time.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck will set someone free. Perfect for the Instagram driven Millennial that is more concerned about how they are perceived on social media than experiencing life.

Don’t worry, it won’t turn them into some that don’t care about the world. It just gives them a good dose of reality.

Subtle art of not giving a f*ck

iPad Car Seat Head Rest

This headrest is great to position a tablet in the back seat for multiple passengers. It fists any size tablet, including an iPad, Kindle and more. This is the perfect gift for family travelers.

iPad head rest holder

Power Inverter

When your car seems to be wired with everything under the sun, you need a power boost at some point. This is why a power inverter is great.

Since it allows you to plug any standard cord into it, the traveler can use it to fill an air mattress, use a hair drier or any of the other creature comforts they may not have normally when they are off the grid.

Power Inverter for Car

Chat Pack Conversation Starters

Never run out of things to stay on the road again with a Chat Pack. A chat pack is the ultimate set of conversation starters. By asking a simple question, the conversations could last hours.

Chat Pack

The Family Road Trip Box of Questions _ Melissa and Doug

The Family Road Trip Box of Questions by Melissa and Doug is a great activity box for the whole family. With 45 conversations starters, 25 quiz cards, and 10 instruction cards with road trip games. You’ll be making family memories as soon as you open it up.

Road Trip Family Questions

The Best Things in Life are Free

The Best Things in Life are Free; published by Lonely Planet is filled with tips and tricks to save you money. Form parks to museums; they feature over 60 major cities around the world.

Even if you don’t visit the cities listed, it will give your traveler the inspiration to do stretch their budget.

Pocket Blanket

Have you ever been out and thought, wow what a great view! But there is nowhere to sit and enjoy it.

Throw the Matador Camping Blanket in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment or purse and you’ll always have a waterproof blanket. This blanket can fit two adults.

Matador Blanket

Therma rest Travel Pillow

The Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow is great for the road. After you take it out of the compartment, it will decompress to the size of a clutch purse. 

It makes the perfect partner to cuddle with it in the back seat, throw it in your luggage to avoid using a hotel pillow or even put it on your carryon.

Soft Sided Cooler

The CleverMade Snap Basket Soft Sided Cooler is a great cooler to travel. It folds down flat when not in use to fit in your luggage. But stands straight when in use and can hold up to 30 cans. Cold beverages will say for up to 24hrs.

Soft Sided Travel Cooler

Adventure Journal

A Woodchuck Designed Spiral Journal is great for keeping all your memories along the way. This is a no-fuss travel journal for you to put your own thoughts in.

Its travel sized and spiral bound so it lays flat. As an added bonus, for every journal purchased, they will plant a tree. Talk about offsetting your carbon footprint.

Adventure Journal

Emergency Roadside Kit

Never start a road trip without a AAA Emergency Car Kit. This has everything you might need including jumper cables, flashlights, ponchos, and duct tape.

Emergency Car Kit

Radio Kit (Bluetooth Speaker Adapter)

If your car isn’t yet Bluetooth compatible yet, then you need a Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM radio transmitter. Your traveler will be able to play music right from there phone and start making hands free calling.

Bluetooth Adapter

Subscription to Prime Music

Give your traveler access to all the best music for the road with Prime Music. Give your travel access to a library that includes Tens of Millions of different song, including new releases.

You can listen to albums, curated playlists as well as create your own playlists.


Scrubba Wash Bag

When your travels start to take a toll on our clothing, use a washing machine that could fit in your pocket. The Scrubba Wash Bag system will wash your closing in just 3 minutes and have them fresh smelling again.ir?t=daytr047 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N68XF0O

Smart Wash Bag

GoPro Hero 7

The ultimate camera for adventure is the GoPro. You can get cheaper camera’s elsewhere, but nothing compares to the lens quality and image stabilization of a Go Pro.

This is great for taking videos on the road, or just using it for stills when your 35-millimeter camera may be a little clunky.

Go Pro Hero

Compact Camera

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera is perfect to travel. It’s both compact and lightweight.

This perfect gift for someone wants professional quality photos but doesn’t want to carry around the extra gear.

Compact Camera

Filtered Water Bottle

The SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle is perfect when you are out, about, and not sure of the quality. It contains no BPA and other chemicals, just fill up and go.

It’s a great gift for travelers that travel in nationally, the outdoor enthusiast or those that just don’t like the taste of hotel water.

Filtered Water Bottle

Antique Compas

You should never rely solely on technology to navigate, that’s why I always keep a compass with me when I travel and so should your travel. They make great stocking stuffers.


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