The MN State Fair

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool at the Minnesota State Fair

As a Minnesota native and a State Fair veteran, I’ve learned how to navigate the Great Minnesota Get-Together in even the hottest late summer heat.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve visited, but I can tell you, they’ve been there more times than the years I’ve been born!

With average highs in the 80-90s during the Fair’s run, things can get steamy while exploring the endless attractions. Here are my top tips for staying cool and comfortable during your State Fair visit.

Minnesota State Fair on a Sunny Day

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How to Stay Cool at the Minnesota State Fair

Staying cool at the Minnesota State Fair requires a mix of good hydration, staying out of the sun, and wearing the right clothing. Below you’ll find my favorite locations to stay cool.

Hydrate Regularly

Dehydration sneaks up fast while walking for hours in the sun.

I make sure to fill up my water bottle at the free Culligan stations. They have the coldest water around. They are located on the Northwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Cosgrove St.

If you aren’t near the Culligan booth, there are other places to fill up. The Minnestoa State Fair has multiple fill-up stations around the fairgrounds.

There are 9 conveniently located on the fairgrounds, like at the 4-H and Agriculture/Horticulture buildings.

Hydrate as soon as I wake up, while in line, between food stops, and regularly throughout the day.

*Fun Fact, you can bring your own water bottle, drinks, food the works. Load up your Hydro Flask ice before you leave.

Get free water at Valleyfair

Seek Out AC

When that midday sun beats down, nothing beats a good, air-conditioned break. I duck into the History & Heritage Center at West End Market or Eco Experience building to cool down in AC comfort.

The Blue Flame Gas and Grandstand buildings also offer indoor relief on hot days.

If you can’t get into an airconditioned building, there are also fans at in most buildings, giving you just enough relief.

I like to linger at the entrances because there always seems to be a vortex of air. While it’s not quite the Metrodome level of force, it’s enough to satisfy.

You can also pop into the air-conditioned first aid tents if you start feeling faint.

Bring your own air-conditioner. If you’ve never tried one of the neck fans, they are a lifesaver!

Blue Flame Lodge

Misting Stations

These open-air oases provide instant cooling refreshment. Seek them out near major thoroughfares like Dan Patch and Liggett.

Alternatively, throw in your own misting fan, or even a spray bottle. They make a world of difference on a hot day!

Misting Sprays at the MN State Fair

Use Sun Protection

I always load up on sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to prevent overheating, along with shade breaks. Wide-brimmed hats shield from the intensity of direct sun.

I re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours as sweating decreases effectiveness.

Umbrellas also help block sun while waiting in lines. They are kind of my secret weapon. I always feel silly at first, until someone say, why didn’t I think of that!

Shade Umbrella

Dress Appropriately

Light, breathable clothing helps sweat evaporate to regulate body temperature on scorching fair days. I avoid dark colors that absorb heat and stick with light cottons or dri-fit fabrics instead.

A cooling towel around the neck offers a simple way to cool down while walking outdoors.

Stay Cool This Year at the MN State Fair

Staying cool at the fair just takes planning ahead with hydration, sun protection, AC breaks, and breathable clothing. Follow my veteran tips to make the most of your State Fair experience, even on the hottest days.

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