Fun things to do in Burnsville Minnesota

Fun Things to do in Burnsville Minnesota in 2024

Looking to add some adventure to your weekend? Take a short drive from Minneapolis to Burnsville and find fun things to do.

Burnsville is the first big city most people pass through on their way to the Twin Cities. It’s usually the part of the drive I realize I’m almost home on long road trips.

In the days before GPS, everyone in the car would use the milestone to make our guesses when we’d roll into the driveway. 

It wasn’t until I was assigned to manage the newly built Panera Bread, that I became accustomed to its charms. Before then, I actually didn’t spend much time there. Yep, I know I just dated myself.

But with all the fun things that have popped up, one thing is for sure, there are tons of fun things to do in Burnsville MN.

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Things to do in Burnsville MN

With its beautiful parks, trails, and lakes, Burnsville, Minnesota offers plenty of fun for visitors. From outdoor adventures to indoor amusements, this south metro city has something for everyone.

The dining is amazing, and there is plenty to keep you occupied in between. My favorites are the Ames Center, Buck Hill Park and Murphy-Henrehan Park Reserve.

To help you make the most of your visit, I’m sharing my top 28 things to do in and around Burnsville.

Things Best to do in Burnsville MN

Buck Hill

The thing Burnsville is best known for is Buck Hill. Skiing, Snowboarding, and Tubing are the biggest draws during the winter. Other events include the New Years Firework and Bedracing For Bridging.  

Teams race downhill on mattresses in wild outfits to raise money for local families.

When summer hits, the place doesn’t shut down. They have over 200 acres and nine miles of trails; it’s perfect for hiking and biking.

I’ve actually been there more in the summer and fall months for mountain bike races. But the newest edition to the hill in the installation of Neveplast. It’s a synthetic surface that replicates the surface of the snow.

Buck Hill Ski Hill In Burnsville MN

Black Dog Road Trial

Black Dog Road Trailhead, which offers a great trail for both biking and hiking.

The trail connects with the Minnesota River Bottoms Trail, which is an excellent spot for hiking and biking.

Murphy-Henrehan Park Reserve

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is a great place for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. It has 11 miles of hiking trails and 5 miles of biking trails.

The park has a diverse ecosystem and offers hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and fishing opportunities.

It also has an off-leash dog park and a disc golf course for visitors to enjoy. 

Murphy-Henrehan Park Reserve Dog Park and hiking Trail

Grand Slam

Grand Slam is an amazing indoor play facility for kids to let loose. They have mini golf, trampolines, play areas, laser tag, arcade and oh yeah, batting cages too.

We did a party here, and I had no idea what I was getting into.

The place on weekends gets a little crazy, but the kids will be having nonstop fun. *Kids Favorite


Skateville is a roller staking skate rink and arcade-perfect for kids to let out some energy. It may be because I’m a child of the 80s, but Skateville always holds a special place in my heart.

It was our favorite spot for birthday parties and on a rare occasion, we’d have a school field trip there.

Going back a few years ago for my nephew’s birthday brought back all the same memories. And one thing for sure, it hasn’t lost any of the charms.  *Kids Favorite

Donut Star

For a great breakfast, you need to stop at Donut Star. They have a great collection of fresh donuts.

I dare you to try only one. My personal recommendation is their butter cream donut or their Apple Fritter!

LOCAL TIP: Get there early. They have lines going out the doors on the weekend.

Donut Star in Burnsville
Donut Star Apple Fritter


Part of the Burnsville Mall, Escapology is a fun group activity for anyone who loves puzzles. There are five different rooms to choose from all ranging in different difficulty levels.

What I love about Escapology is how much of a backstory is built into each room. It’s a truly immersive experience.

My husband and I did a date night. We had a great night, but unfortunately were unable to escape. Next time, bring more people.

Ames Center

The Ames Center in Burnsville is a stunning performing arts center. They bring in some big-name acts and plays. You’ll find dance, comedy and music performances all year long.

When you aren’t at a show, you can also check out their 2,000 square foot art gallery. They have eight exhibits every calendar year.

Ames Center in Burnsville

ProKART Indoors

I love that ProKART indoor racing is a great alternative for racing lovers when the outdoor season is limited.

They use low-emission renewable methanol to give it a true racing experience, reaching speeds up to 40 mph!

Being indoors, you’ll always have optimal track experience. You have to be 13 years old to walk in and start racing.

Kids 8-12 will need to complete a ‘Driving School’ first.

SkaterApolis Skate Park

New to Burnsville in 2023, opened an indoor skate park right inside Burnsville Center. This is probably the first time the mall wants you to bring your skateboard.

This park is a great safe environment to test out your skateboarding skills. They have lessons and open skate time.

Alimagnet Dog Park

Alimagnet Dog Park is the perfect place to let your furry friend run and play off-leash. With ample space and separate areas for small and large dogs.

It’s a great spot for socializing and exercise. There are also amenities such as water fountains, waste bags, and benches for owners to relax. 

Mind Eye Comics

Get the latest comics at Mind’s Eye Comics. This fun comic book store has everything from DC, to Marvel, to your favorite graphic novels.

The store is clean and wel organized, making it easy to explore on your own. The staff is friendly but gives you plenty of space to explore on your own.

They also have a few arcade games in front of the store if you want to give your kids some money to let you brows.

Mind Eye Comics in Burnsville

Summer Favorites in Burnsville

Bicentennial Garden

The Bicentennial Garden is located in the Civic Center Park. The entrance of the park houses a sundial surrounded by flowers. Just beyond that is the centerpiece, a beautiful stone fountain.

The garden doesn’t have an official parking area. We ended up parking across the street and walked over.

There are plenty of sidewalks giving you access to it too.

Bicentennial Garden in Burnsville

Cliff Fen Park

One of the larger playground parks in Burnsville, Cliff Fen Park is a 40-acre park that also includes a Splash Pad.

Ask the locals, and they’ll tell you to bring your younger kids here during the summer months. *Kids Favorite

Crystal Lake Beach

In the summer, everyone’s favorite hangout is Crystal Beach for some swimming. The 16-acre beach park offers a great place to swim, kayak, or relax with a picnic basket. 

There is a great beach, concession stands, and play area.

They also rent out canoes and paddleboards too. The park is home to a large playground, sand volleyball courts, and many beautiful trails.

Crystal Lake Beach Water Feature in Bunsville
Crystal Lake Beach Playground

Nicollet Commons Park

Outside the Ames center is the beautiful Nicollet Commons Park.

This town square style park has plenty of flowers, stunning fountains and waterfalls. There is an amphitheater for community events.

During the summer, this is a hot spot for younger kids, playing in the fountain. Bring a towel and sunscreen!

I was blown away at how fun of a fountain this is forf younger kids.

Nicollet Commons Park water feature and splash pad

Where to Eat in Burnsville MN

Mediterranean Cruise Café

The Mediterranean Cruise Café has some of the best Mediterranean food in the Twin Cities. It should be considering they’ve been running the café for over 30 years.

If the food doesn’t set it apart, the belly dancing may. That’s what makes the restaurant a full-blown experience. Thursday – Sundays, a belly dancer performs while you eat.

At some point, they even teach the kids in the room a few moves. My daughter got to experaince this one! You’ll have a blast.

Lucky’s 13 Pub

Lucky 13 Pub doesn’t serve the typical bar food. They may have some of the classics, but with a twist.

There are different flavored burgers like the Inferno Burger, made with puréed peppers, Tabasco fried jalapeños, and ghost pepper cheese.

Another option is the Brie and Bacon Burger, which includes caramelized onion, brie cheese, and bacon.

Everything on the menu is mouthwatering. They serve food all day long, so stop in. Lucky 13 Pub is part of a chain of restaurants in the Twin Cities. If you can’t make it to Burnsville, stop at one of their other great locations.

Morgan’s Farm to Table

Moran’s Farms to Table is all about social responsibility and being part of a community.

They source their ingredients directly from farmers who use minimal recourse to produce their crops.

With that, they create things like wild mushroom ravioli, NY Steak, pretzel-crusted walleye.

Ineffable Brewing Company

Ineffable Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Burnsville, Minnesota. They pride themselves on creating high-quality craft beers with unique flavors and ingredients.

The brewery has plenty of food and events to keep you there. Make sure to stop into their taproom and check them out or enjoy a night on their patio.

Bricksworth Beer Co.

Bricksworth Beer Co. is a popular spot for beer lovers in Burnsville. They offer a selection of hazy IPAs that pair perfectly with their delicious wings and Detroit-style pizzas.

It’s a great place to relax and hang out with friends while enjoying a refreshing beer and delicious food.

Indigo Tea Company

Looking for a hot tea, iced tea, Boba Tea, or Bubble Tea? Indego Tea Company has just what you are looking for. From refreshing drinks to all the tea supplies, including loose-leaf tea to take home.

If you love your tea sweet, they have an amazing Strawberry Black tea you can’t get anywhere else. I have made special trips just for it.

Indego Tea Company Boba Tea
Indego Tea in Burnsville

When should you visit Burnsville, MN?

Burnsville is a city that can be visited throughout the year. The best time for winter sports is January and February when the ski runs are open.

Does Burnsville MN have a downtown?

No, there isn’t a traditional downtown in Burnsville. But you can find a lot of the great restaurants and things to do centered around Burnsville Center.

Close To Everything

There are so many fun things to do in Burnsville, it’s hard to leave. They are located near popular attractions like the MN Zoo, Valleyfair, and the Mall Of America.

Burnsville is a popular destination for Twin Cities residents and visitors due to its great entertainment options, recreation activities, and relaxation opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, family fun, date activities, or solo excursions, Burnsville has something for you.

The next time you’re seeking an enjoyable getaway close to home, consider making this south metro hotspot your destination. With 28 terrific things to experience, Burnsville will not disappoint.

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