Things to do in Little Falls MN

11 Fun Things To Do In Little Falls MN in 2024

Are you looking for a fun-filled weekend outside of the Twin Cities? Little Falls, Minnesota is the perfect spot for you! Located in central Minnesota, Little Falls is a beautiful city nestled between rivers and bluffs.

But its more than just the home of Charles Lindberg. There are plenty of things to do in Little Falls, MN, including camping, hiking, fishing, and more. So pack your bags and head to Little Falls for a weekend you won’t soon forget!

Every Fall starting in Middle School, I’d pack up the car with my mom and head up to Little Falls MN to sell our crafts at the biggest Craft Show in Minnesota. Every square foot of the town was covered in craft booths and food.

The only problem was, we never got to see much of Little Falls. That’s why I was so surprised to find all the fun things to do in Little Falls MN when I went this summer with my family.

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Things To Do In Little Falls MN

Put your feet in the Mississippi at the James Green Park

Little Falls has a beautiful park that stretches along the Mississippi River. The James Green park starts next to the Little Falls Dam. This is one of 43 different dams located on the Mississippi River.

There are multiple access points to the base of the river along the path. I even got to stick my feet in. Bucket list time! This i also one of the best places to catch a few fish.

For those crazy enough to canoe or kayak down the Mississippi River, you’ll have to portage around this, and one other Dam located in Little Falls MN.

James Green Park in Little Falls
James Green Park in Little Falls MN
Feet in the Mississippi River
Sticking Feet in the Mississippi River in Little Falls
Bird in the Mississippi River
Wildlife on the Mississippi River
Little Falls Dam
The Little Falls Dam

Make New Friends at the Pine Grove Zoo

This is one of a few smaller zoos located around the state. The Pine Grove Zoo has a handful of animals, including Siberian Tigers, Black Bears, and Grey Wolves.

They also have a picnic area out front with one of the best playgrounds I’ve ever seen. It was classic-style equipment that you can’t find anywhere else.

We arrived later in the day and found the parking lot filled to the max. Deciding to not miss out on an opportunity to play, we let the kids loose on the playground.

Little Falls is just a short way away from the Brainerd Lakes Area. If time allows, make a long weekend and explore the 38 FUN Things to do in Brainerd Minnesota

The Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls MN
Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls

View History at the Charles A Lindbergh State Park

The Charles A Lindbergh State Park is a smaller State Park with some great hiking trails. The flat nature of the trails makes them popular for snowshoeing during winter.

The park has camping and a few historical sites, including Charles Lindbergh House and Museum, a stone water tower, and the landing site of Charles Lindberg’s first solo flight.

The park has a stream running through it making it a great stop. If you have an hour, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Charles A Lindbergh State Park
Charles A Lindberg State Park

Charles Lindbergh House and Museum

Take a tour of Lindbergh’s childhood home. Charles A Lindbergh made history as the first solo flight across the Atlantic from New York to Paris in the Spirit of St Louis.

You can explore the rooms where he grew up, filled with memorabilia and photographs from his early career.

Learn about the challenges he faced and the legacy he left behind, a true testament to the spirit of exploration and adventure.

Explore the Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame

Speaking of fishing, Little Falls is home to Minnesota Fishing Museum. It holds a collection of over 10,000 different fishing-related artifacts.

Some of these are possessions of Minnesotans that were part of the history of freshwater fishing in the State. This is a must-see stop for any angler in the area.

See a Tank at the Minnesota Military Museum

The Minnesota Military Museum has one of the largest collections of Macro (not to be confused with micro or small) artifacts you’ll ever see.

They have rows upon rows of Tanks, Humvees, Jeeps, Train Cars, Helicopters and so much more.

They have more traditional artifacts inside that date back to when MN was first formed. The best thing of all, you get to go onto an active military base to see it all. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

Did you know the Minnesota Military Museum is on Camp Ripley? If you’ve ever wanted to step onto a base, here is your chance. Check out what the experience was like: The Minnesota Military Museum: A History of MN Conflicts

Tank at Camp Ripley
Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley in Little Falls MN

Linden Hill Historic Estate

Linden Hill Historic Estate is a beautiful property located in Little Falls, Minnesota. This historic estate offers visitors the opportunity to explore picturesque gardens, tour the stunning mansion, and learn about the rich history of the area.

With its charming atmosphere and fascinating exhibits, Linden Hill is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and beauty of Little Falls. 

Search for Fairy Stones

Officially they are called Staurolites and can be found at the Blanchard Dam. The stone rocks have crystal-like formations that intersect, looking like crosses at times. It’s considered lucky to find one.

You can find them off of Hilton Road and 68th Street. Take the dead-end road to the end of the trail. There is a small parking lot with access to the river. Digging for cross rocks using shoves is not legal.

We were unsuccessful at finding any fully intact Staurolites but did find a few remnants of them. I recommend getting there earlier in the day when the sun is less direct.

Part of a Fairy Stone found in Little Falls MN
Searching for Fairy Stones

Visit the Northern Pacific Railway Depot

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend a day in Little Falls MN, consider visiting the Northern Pacific Railway Depot.

This historic building was once the primary way for people to travel between the Twin Cities and Duluth, and it’s now been turned into a museum that tells the story of the railroad’s impact on the state of Minnesota.

The Northern Pacific Railway Depot was built in 1884, and it served as the main hub for the Northern Pacific Railroad until the early 1970s. The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and it’s open to the public for tours.

The museum inside the depot is full of interesting exhibits that tell the story of the railroad and its impact on Minnesota. You can learn about the different types of trains that ran through the depot and see artifacts from the era.

Looking for more train fun? Make sure to check out the 7 Best Scenic Train Rides in Minnesota

Explore the Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum

The Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum is a great way to see the history and culture of the area. The home belonged to Charles A. Weyerhaeuser, a lumberman who operated a pine tree company.

He lived in the area from the late 1890s to the early 1900s. With exhibits on topics such as the logging industry, pioneer life, and Native American heritage. The museum also hosts events and educational programs for all ages throughout the year. 

Golfing in Little Falls

The Little Falls Golf Course is one of the many great things to do in Little Falls MN. This scenic course is located just minutes from downtown Little Falls and offers a great challenging game of golf.

The course features a variety of different holes that will test your skills and give you a great workout. There are also a few water hazards that you will need to avoid if you want to stay dry.

The Great Rivers Arts Center

The Great Rivers Arts Center is a hidden gem located in the heart of downtown Little Falls. The art center features a variety of rotating exhibitions throughout the year, as well as a selection of permanent collections.

One of the highlights of the Great Rivers Art Center is the Native American art collection. The collection features a variety of traditional and contemporary pieces from a variety of Native American tribes.

Starry Eyed Brewing

The Starry Eyed Brewing in Little Falls MN is a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Little Falls MN. Starry Eye Brewing is a small, family-owned brewery that produces a variety of beers, including some that are only available at the brewery.

The Starry Eye Brewing is located in downtown Little Falls MN and is within walking distance of many of the city’s attractions. The Starry Eye Brewing is a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Little Falls MN.

Visit the Largest Art Fair in the State

The Little Falls Arts & Crafts Fair is a great place to find unique gifts for friends and family. There are a variety of vendors selling everything from jewelry to pottery in the historic downtown. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your list!

They draw in 100,000 people over the two-day event. Held the first weekend after Labor Day. This September will be their 50th year. Speaking from personal experience, this is an insane event!

The Market Place Fair is the perfect place to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also a variety of vendors selling homemade goods. Be sure to stop by and check out all the great products!

Looking for a place to stay in Little Falls? Check the current hotel rates by clicking here.

Would I go back to Little Falls MN?

There are tons of fun things to do in little falls. My favorite part about visiting smaller towns like this is the relaxing atmosphere of everyone there. What I originally thought of as just another small town, was far from it. It gave us time to explore and reconnect, even in a time when most of the shops were closed for Covid.

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