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Everything you wanted to know about Elko Speedway Racetrack 2023

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Did you know the premier racing destination in the Midwest is just a few minutes south of the Twin Cities? If you are looking for a fun and action-packed event, Elko Speedway has something for everyone. Here is everything you need to know about Elko Speedway, from its location to the exciting events. We are breaking it all down.

My first adventure to Elko was tons of fun, but unfortunately, I was flying blind the first half of the races.

What is Elko Speedway?

Overview of Elko Speedway

Elko Speedway is a racetrack located in the city of Elko New Market, Minnesota. It has been providing family fun and thrilling racing experiences since 1965.

The track is known for its 3/8 mile asphalt oval track and has become a popular destination for both local and national racing events on Saturday nights.

Where is Elko Speedway?

Elko Speedway is conveniently located just 10 minutes south of Burnsville and Lakeville, near the I35 exit. Take the Elko New Market exit 76.

Its proximity to major cities makes it easily accessible for racing enthusiasts from all over Minnesota.

Cars Racing on Elk Speedway
Elkco Speedway Stock Cars racing

What events are held at Elko Speedway?

Eve of Destruction

The Annual Eve of Destruction® is a multi-weekend event. Listed on the website as “Event Night”, you’ll get all the favorites.

It showcases a thrilling combination of dangerous stunts, monster trucks, school bus races, and jaw-dropping entertainment.

It’s a rip-roaring good time for the whole family, filled with adrenaline-pumping action and unforgettable moments.

Bandoleros – Using a lawnmower ending, kids age 7-13 race around the track on specially designed cars. They take a smaller track, for 12 laps. With spinouts almost guaranteed, the goal is just to fish the race in the allotted time.

Power Stocks – Modified commercial cars, the power stocks are what a commonly seen at races like Daytona. The power stock cars race the track for 20 laps.

Legends – Legends cars are a 5/8 scale of NASCAR legendary drivers’ cars from the mid 30s to 40s. They dive 20 laps.

Thunders Car – Stock cars with minor engine and suspension modifications. They take 20 laps around the track.

Late Models – Late Models are traditioanl styel NASCA vehiciles. They are teh fastest racing cars for this type of short track. They do 20 laps around the track.

School Bus Races – Competing in a figure 8 race. This is the main event for the younger visitors. They drive until a crash happens, and it’s guaranteed to see one bus go down. This could be one of the most dangerous motor stunts of the night.

Spectator Drags – Ever wonder what would happen if you put a Ford Focus against a Thunderbird? This is where spectators can register their own vehicles in a drag style race around the track.

This might have been the most fun I had seeing who could out preform the other. 

Jet Truck – Unlike at airshows, this Jet Truck comes on the racetrack for the sole purpose of destroying a car. It stays in place, and melts away whatever is behind it. It is the last thing of the night.

Monster Trucks – The monster trucks are on display in at the racetrack, giving you the opportunity to get pictures with them, before everything’s starts.

They come out multiple times, first to show who they fly through the air. It’s just a teaser. Their second time out, you’ll see them flattening cars.

Fireworks – Around the fourth of July, you’ll see fireworks at the end of the day. 

Monsters Trucks at Elco Speedway
School Bus Races at Elkco Speedway
Jet Truck burning a van at Elko Speedway

ARCA series races at Elko Speedway

Elko Speedway is also a proud host of the ARCA Racing Series. Similar to Eve of Destruction, you’ll see the Late Model Cars, Thunder Cars, Power Stocks. 

What is Race Day like at Elko Speedway?

Gates open up at 4:30 and qualifying racing starts at 5pm. The official racing with opening ceremonies starts at 6:50 pm.

With everything as general admission seating, you’ll want to secure a place to sit. Most people do this by placing blankets over the stand seats. 

Both the individual backed chairs and bleacher seeing at the center of the track are general admission, despite what the stairs say. 

You can also grab your own seats anywhere around the track. There are a few other bleachers around the track. Put up a lawn chair or put a blanket down and have a seat. 

Where to find the Elko Speedway Race Schedule?

All scheduling and race results are online. You can find them at Score.Racing. They have their own app, or you can view everything on the web.

That is where you’ll find the race day schedule and race results. They don’t provide paper handouts on site.

Where to buy tickets for Elko Speedway events?

To secure your spot at one of Elko Speedway’s. You can visit their official website and download them to your phone. I highly recommend this version. There are two types of tickets, general admission and pit passes.

You can also purchase your tickets at the gate. Be prepared to wait in a longer line if you choose this option.

Elko Speedway’s family-friendly atmosphere

What sets Elko Speedway apart is its dedication to providing family fun since 1965. They offer a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.

In-between races and on breaks, you’ll have opportunities to attend various activities, from petting zoos, Trampoline performers, BMX Bikers, and more. You can even meet the drivers after the event.

Petting Zoo at Elko Speedway

Does Elko Speedway have a Drive-In?

Yes, they currently have a Drive-In theatre. I have been unable to confirm if they are running in 2023.

Typically, they show a move at the conclusion of the races. The normally parking lot is in the Drive-In spaces. Check their website for current showings.

Elko Speedway Drive Inn

Getting more information about Elko Speedway

Contacting Elko Speedway

If you have any inquiries or need further information about Elko Speedway, the best way to get in contact with them is through email.

Their website is great for buying tickets, but it not updated regularly. You can also find out about them through Facebook. But again, the contact information refers you to their email.

Partnering and Racing with Elko Speedway

If you are looking to race your own car, you just need a pit pass and a helmet.

Does Elko Speedway Allow Coolers?

No, Elko Speedway does not allow coolers. They do have food available onsite, like chicken tenders, hamburgers and more. You can also purchase acholic drinks onsite. They do accept credit cards.

What hotels are near Elko Speedway?

There are a couple great hotels near Elko Speedway in Lakeville. I recommend staying at the Candlewood Suites off of I-35.

Another option is the Hampton Inn. Both are just 5 miles from the racetrack, or a 10-minute drive.

What Should I Bring to Elko Speedway?

Ear protection – I cannot say this enough. I could not believe the number of people that ignored this. Adults, grab a pair of disposable ear buds. They have easy to use one that are connected together.

If you have younger children, get them a pair of earphones. You don’t have to worry about fitting them in their ears.

Eye Protection – If you are close to the track, it’s recommended to have some type of eye protection. Debris from the track can come off tires, and the vehicle itself. A pair of sunglasses easily works as protection. 

Long Shirt – In Minesota, unless it’s in the upper 90’s, when the sun goes down, it gets cold. Bring a blanket, or an extra layer. If you forget, you can pick up them in the gift shop.

Would I go back to Elko Speedway? 

Yes, I actually had a good time. Next time, I’m going to plan to visit on a night with the drive-in. Fireworks from the fourth of July were so impressive in our hometown, it put Elko’s look small in comparison. Others in the crowd thought they were great!

If you have a free Saturday night, I highly recommend you check out what’s happening on the track. 

Elko Speedway Fireworks

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