Edenbrook Conservation Area Hiking Trail

Hiking Edenbrook Conservation Area Trails in Eden Prairie

This hiking trail is a labyrinth through the wetlands. Ever wanted to hike through what seems like an endless wetland of tall reeds, cattails, and boardwalks? The Edenbrook Conservation Area Trails in Eden Prairie gives you the perfect escape.

Welcome to hike 2 of 5 of my Hiking in Eden Prairie Series. Each day this week, I’ll be adding in another great hike that’s included in Eden Prairie’s Conservation Areas.

Watching for fish on Purgatory Creek

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Hiking Edenbrook Conservation Area Trails

The Edenbrook Conservation Area Trails has it’s own parking lot, making it easy for others to visit. The trail leads off from the parking lot’s paved trail.

Just past the first bog/boardwalk take a right. This get’s you back into all the other paths. From there, you can take the two branch offs to either Rustic Hills Park or the Scenic overlook by Town Road.

The Overlooks are marked on the map, but there is nothing on the trail designating the stopping point. It just ends in a neighborhood. There isn’t an official loop, so you’ll have to double back. The wetlands are so beautiful you probably won’t care.

Overlook at Edenbrook Conservation Hiking Trail in Eden Prairie
Tall grass on the boardwalk at Edenbrook Conservation Area Hiking Trail
Yellow Flowers on baordwalk bot
Edenbrook Conservation Area Trail

If you complete both branches off, it’s around 3.2 Miles. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not bad. There is almost no one on the trails.

With the exception of a few properties on the outskirts of the trail, you feel like you in the wilderness.

The trail is mostly used by residents in the neighborhoods, based on the fact that there was no one parked there and I only saw a few people hiking.

Blooming flowers on hiking trail
Forested Trail
Purgatory Creek at Edenbrook conservation area in Eden Prairie

Trail Notes

The boardwalk is slippery after it rains. It’s also muddy. During a dryer season, it may not be a problem. We were there in between rainstorms.

Wet Hiking trail in Eden Prairie

With the exception of the entrance to the park, there is no signage, and absolutely no trail maps located on the trails.

I am not 100% sure, if I did the entire loop in the center of the map, even after getting home and looking it all over. If you are navigationally challenged, you may want to consider using a GPS rout-tracking app like All Trails.

We saw a frog on the trail, worms, slug, and birds all over the place. Keep your eyes open for what else may be hiding.

Park is located at 6655 Dell Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344. The official Trail Map should be downloaded before leaving.

Watch out for worms after it rains
Snail on Trail

Would I Go Back?

Yes, it was a lot of fun to explore. It provided a good mix of scenic views, and length. It’s the one thing that some of the other Eden Prairie Conservation Area trails have been missing. Check out some other great hikes near Minneapolis.

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