The 5 Most-Googled Christmas Movies in Minnesota in 2023

The 5 Most-Googled Christmas Movies in Minnesota in 2023

The holidays are here and that means one thing: it’s time to curl up with hot cocoa and watch some Christmas movies! But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which ones to watch?

As a Minnesota-based Christmas movie expert, I decided to let our state’s Google searches do the choosing for me.

I compiled a list of the greatest Christmas films of all time and analyzed the search volume data for each using Google Keyword Planner.

I then compared interest over time in Google Trends to see which movies Minnesota was searching for the most right now.

The results show some classic favorites as well as a few more recent hits. Read on for the top 5 most-googled Christmas movies in Minnesota this year along with some commentary from me on why locals just can’t get enough of these holiday flicks.

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Number 5: A Christmas Story (1983)

This comedic tale of young Ralphie Parker’s quest to get a BB gun for Christmas, complete with the iconic leg lamp and triple dog dare tongue-on-a-flagpole scene, is a staple for many families.

While not specifically set in Minnesota, Minnesotans still can’t help but look up their favorite moments from this quotable classic each holiday season.

No doubt they’re trying to settle debates on things like whether it really was an icicle Ralphie stuck his tongue on or confirming how the Old Man infamously mispronounces “fragile” when referring to the leg lamp as “fra-gee-lay.” Sorry to settle this one, Minnesota – but it’s actually “fra-gil.”

Number 4: The Family Stone (2005)

This star-studded dramedy brings serious dysfunctional family holiday drama as Sarah Jessica Parker’s uptight character meets her boyfriend’s quirky family for the first time on Christmas.

It seems many Minnesotans are drawn to the relatable (and hilarious) reality of dealing with family tension and expectations during the holidays.

Or perhaps locals are looking up where to stream this one as they gear up for their own awkward family gatherings this season? Either way, The Family Stone brings the festive family friction in a way Minnesotans just can’t resist looking up year after year.

Number 3: The Santa Clause (1994)

As someone who knows a thing or two about the North Pole’s most famous resident, I can understand why Minnesota families constantly google this comedy starring Tim Allen as a dad who accidentally causes Santa’s death and finds himself taking over the red suit.

With the real North Pole just a quick sled ride away up in the arctic circle, Minnesotan kids likely beg to watch The Santa Clause every Christmas to see if their house makes an appearance in the film’s take on Santa’s magical winter wonderland. Fair warning though – don’t expect accurate geographical depictions in this one!

Adults seem drawn to revisiting Tim Allen’s hilarious take on suddenly becoming Old Saint Nick as well. And who knows, maybe some Minnesotans are even searching for conspiracy theories on whether this fantastical tale is actually rooted in fact! After all, we do have plenty of reindeer farmers across the state already primed to one day fly that sleigh…

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Number 2: The Polar Express (2004)

Another North Pole-themed film grabs the number two spot, with many Minnesota families clearly unable to resist googling this animated Tom Hanks adventure about a doubting young boy who hops aboard a mysterious train headed to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

The dazzling digital animation style pioneered in Polar Express definitely inspires some Minnesota searches. As does relatable young hero Billy’s journey to reawakening his belief in Santa.

And who doesn’t love watching Tom Hanks play nearly every role? No wonder Minnesota kids beg to take this roundtrip ride to the top of the world each holiday season – no matter how many times they’ve seen it before!

Number 1: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Alas, not even Santa himself could defeat Minnesota’s top-googled Christmas movie champion…the Grinch!

This live-action adaptation starring Jim Carrey as the green grump who tries to ruin Christmas for the cheerful Whos down in Whoville simply sparks endless curiosity across Minnesota each holiday season.

Locals clearly can’t get enough of looking up their favorite jokes and memes depicting Jim Carrey’s hilariously exaggerated take on the grumpy green Dr. Seuss character.

Minnesotans also seem to frequently search for the exact schedule for when this holiday classic will air on TV – or where they can stream to join in on the annual viewing tradition whether there’s a schedule or not!

Perhaps Minnesotans identify with feeling a bit grinchy amidst the holiday hustle and bustle each year. Or they just love the dramatic Whoville sets and added backstory expanding on this beloved tale.

Maybe the added songs even get stuck in their heads! Whatever brings them back each season, the collective state-wide searches prove one thing: nothing beats the Grinch when it comes to Minnesota’s preferred Christmas entertainment!

The Grinch will make appearances during the celebrations.
Courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

Well there you have it folks – consider your next holiday movie night sorted thanks to the helpful Google search trends of Minnesotans!

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