Twin Cities Con

Tips for your First Twin Cities Con

Comic-Con Events are like nothing you’ve ever seen. You may have heard about them online or on shows like The Big Bang Theory. But hearing about them and going are completely different things.

Most time Comic Con is mentioned, they are talking about the big events in San Diego. Here in Minnesota, we get smaller experiences, but they are amazing.

This weekend I got the opportunity to visit Twin Cities Con. I dabbled in my first Con style event well over six years ago and while entertaining, it was just a taste. This time, we went for the full experience. We also were excited to take the kids with us.

I’m dishing out all the details on this epic event and sharing some tips for your first time at Twin Cities Con.

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What is Twin Cities Con?

Twin Cities Con is a huge 3-day fan convention held annually in Minneapolis. It celebrates comics, sci-fi, anime, gaming, and pop culture. It’s going on November 3rd – 5th, 2023.

TCC features celebrity guests, comic creators, voice actors, cosplayers, artists, vendors, panels, gaming, and more. The convention is located in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The main guests include voice actors from popular cartoons like Avatar: The Last Airbender and the cast of Mallrats.

Getting Tickets

There are single-day tickets available for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are also weekend passes that grant you access for all three days.

Upgrade to a VIP pass for extra perks like early access, discounts, exclusive merchandise, and more. You can also get tickets themed to specific celebrities.

Tickets can be purchased online, or onsite. With all tickets, you’ll go through the same entrance process, except VIP. Once you get your badge, you can go in and out of anywhere.

Badge for Comic Con in MPLS

What to See at Twin Cities Con?

There is so much to see at Twin Cities Con. You could spend the entire time people-watching.

Checking out the Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is where you’ll find most of the vendors, artists, creators, and celebs. It’s a giant space filled with hundreds of booths selling comics, art, collectibles, clothing, crafts, and more.

It’s the perfect place to shop for geeky merchandise. Depending on the celebrity guest, the merchandise will change. With a huge Avatar group onsite, we saw lots of extra artwork and merch inspired by them.

Comic Con Vendors

Celebrities Meeting and Autographs

You can also get autographs and photos of celebrity guests. You can reserve photo sessions earlier in the day. They also will list the prices for each celebrity as the Con gets closer.

I found that most wanted around $50-$100 for an autograph and or photo.

Meet Comic Book Creators

Stopping at comic book creators’ booths, they’ll sign merchandise and even draw custom artwork for you. Strike up a conversation and get to know more about what went into their creations.

What to do at Twin Cities Con?

Attending Panels

There are panels all day long covering specific fandoms, how-to topics, industry insider discussions, and more. For me, this is one of the best parts of the convention.

Most of the panels start out with an introduction about the celebrity and the host talking. You’ll get a little background and chit-chat. Then they’ll announce that they are taking questions.

Check the schedule and plan out which panels you want to attend each day. Some of the most popular ones fill up fast!

We found plenty of available seats at the panels we attended. I recommend being there 10–15 minutes before the start of the panel if you are concerned.

Animaniacs Pannel at Comic Con
Celebirty Pannel at Comic Con

How to get on the mic at Panels

If you want to ask your question, make sure to get a seat next to the microphone. They won’t be able to get to everyone.

Prepare one question, be respectful to everyone in line, and have a couple of backup questions in case someone already asked yours.


You’ll see attendees dressed up in elaborate costumes everywhere. On Saturday, there’s a huge cosplay contest anyone can sign up for and watch. It’s fun to dress up yourself or admire all the creativity on display.

We saw everything and anything. It is amazing to watch the creativity of people around you.

One thing to note is, cosplay doesn’t mean consent. That includes photography or physical consent. Most guests dressed up love to stop for a picture, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Twin Cities Con Enterance

Tips for First-Timers at Twin Cities Con

  • Get there early. I cannot stress this enough. We arrived around noon. Parking nearby was filled and the line to get in was crazy! You can bypass some of this if you get VIP admission.
  •  Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet a lot!
  •  Bring water and snacks to keep your energy up. The convention center has food and drinks onsite too, but snacks are nice.
  •  Make a schedule but don’t overpack it. Leave time for exploring.
  •  Charge your phone and camera.
  •  Check the website for bag restrictions, prop weapon policies, etc.
  •  Attend a panel. I cannot stress this enough. I was so excited to hear more details and background about the shows we love and grew up watching.
  •  Join the fun and dress up if you want!

Would I Attend a Twin Cities Con Again?

Attending my first Twin Cities Con was an absolute blast. It was a weekend filled with cool merch, celebrities, gaming, and being surrounded by fellow geeks and nerds.

The kids had a blast. Yes, I brought them both, and I was surprised at how few there were. When we walked in, my daughter looked at me and said, “These are my people.” I couldn’t agree more!

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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