Where to find Saunas in Minnesota

Where to find Saunas in Minnesota

Saunas are integral to Scandinavian culture. With its Nordic history, Minnesota leads the way in bringing this relaxing, rejuvenating tradition to America.

Saunas are integral to Minnesota culture thanks to the state’s Nordic roots. With its cold winters and abundance of lakes, Minnesota’s climate mirrors Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden where sauna culture originates.

Saunas not only provide warmth during the long, frigid months but also important social and well-being elements. Community sauna events allow Minnesotans to come together, especially during winter, to relax, discuss ideas, and form bonds.

The practice aligns with the strong communal values that Nordic settlers brought with them and established in the region.

Beyond social cohesion, saunas promote health—they flush toxins, improve circulation, ease joint pain, and even benefit emotional well-being.

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Here are the top saunas to experience in Minnesota:

Great Duluth Sweat Together

March 2023 was the inaugural event of the Great Duluth Sweat Together. Organized by Rod Raymond, a partner in Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth. The event aimed to set a Guinness World Record for mobile saunas.

The event is free to attend, with donations supporting Life House Duluth, which helps to combat youth homelessness. The event also helped to promote Duluth as the Sauna Capital of the World.

The next great Duluth Sweat Together is being planned for April 2024.

Sauna du Nord

Founder Megan Kress offers mobile sauna rentals for events and gatherings in the Duluth area. As a sauna facilitator, she also hosts community nights, providing guidance and answering sauna-related questions.

You can have your sauna delivered for the night, weekend, or a full weeklong escape. If you are looking to just give it a try, an hour-long session in Duluth-Superior is available too!

Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna

Slated to launch end of 2023, the Cedar and Stone Nordic floating sauna from co-owner Justin Juntunen will be the first publicly accessible one in the country. Docked on a barge in Duluth’s harbor outside of Peir B Hotel, alternate between the sauna’s warmth and bracing dips in the chilly waters.

For land lovers, you can also get a private sauna experience on land too!

There guided sauna experiences are also available in Minneapolis on top of the Four Seasons hotel.

Little Ember Company

This Minneapolis/St. Paul mobile sauna rental company delivers wellness to your doorstep. Perfect for parties or weekends at home, Little Ember Co provides a bundle of firewood, bucket and ladle, essential oils, and orientation on safe operation with each rental.

Accommodating 4-8 people, you can book their Nordic-inspired, wood-fired sauna by the night or entire week and have it arrive at your location within 10 miles of Minneapolis.

Stonegrove Saunas

Dedicated to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, Stonegrove handcrafts authentic barrel saunas for homes and communities. Their saunas foster relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation regardless of weather.

With six personal saunas across Minneapolis, Grand Rapids, and Duluth, Stonegrove brings centuries-old Scandinavian traditions to Minnesota.

With prominent local businesses leading the way, Minnesota has a mature sauna culture rooted in its Nordic history. The goal is to bring one million people to experience the craft in the next decade through events and rentals. With options from community gatherings to mobile rentals and floating saunas, Minnesota offers a bunch of ways to enjoy the sauna’s many health benefits.

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