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Finding Unique Flavors at Winehaven Winery in Chisago MN

On our recent trip to Taylor’s Fall this year, we decide to make a stop on the way out of town. We had spent a wekend in Taylors Falls including visiting the Chateau Saint Croix.

On the way back to the Twin Cities we saw this vineyard on the side of the road. Winehaven Winery I looked like an amazing destination and it didn’t disappoint.

We walked in with our kids in tow. They were very friendly and accommodating. I always feel a little odd getting a drink with the kids around, but I wasn’t sure when we would get out there again.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Don’t worry my husband was the designated driver.

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Winehaven Winery

The wine tastings at Winehaven Winery are just $5 and you get to try 8 different varieties. It’s probably the best value I’ve seen so far. Their specialty is honey wine.

They started out as honey farmers, so I guess that makes sense. I was surprised at the number of different offerings that they had. They even had pumpkin wine, which had a lot of good flavors.

The only downside is that they didn’t have much for non-wine drinkers. No beers or root beers or anything. So, my husband was out of luck. We were able to get the kids a can of pop to share.

Their vineyard is beautiful at Winehaven Winery. The kids loved getting to see the grapes on the vine. The whole place overlooks the lake and they have a very spacious patio.

There were even people enjoying a glass out there with their dogs. The building was more like a barn on the inside. If you are ever looking to host an event, they look like they would have plenty of space for it!

Is it bad that I keep thinking about my wedding and wishing I could have done it at a place like this? Hmm… I wonder if I could convince my daughter in what like 20 years to go this route?

Anyway, Winehaven Winery was well worth the stop!

GrapeVines at Winehaven Winery

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