How to See The Frozen Falls of Minnehaha

Last updated on February 4th, 2018

For those that are not accustomed to the north, winter can be one of the most beautiful times of the year. There have been many instances where I have wanted to go stop the car while I’m driving just to get a cool shot of the trees or the frozen stream by my work. Online I keep seeing all these really cool images of frozen falls. I find it funny that one of the most photographed ones is just 30 minutes from my house, and I have never visited it. When most people think of looking at a waterfall, they think they have to venture into the woods. With these falls, you have to go into the city.

Getting There

For the most part, getting there was really easy. It’s right off of Hwy55. Because it is in Minneapolis, you will have to pay to park. The rate is $1 an hour and they do take credit cards. We did a mitten and boot check before we left the car and headed over to the park. The pathways were really well groomed and it was pretty easy to find. We ended up primarily following the mass of other onlookers to find it. The falls itself was not quite what I expected either. The pictures could not do it justice. 

The Frozen Falls of Minnehaha

The Frozen Falls

At the top of the falls, you could see water misting out from it. The base of the falls had a big mound of water where it had been piling up. Because the water is constantly moving, it is always changing. If we went back in a couple weeks, we could probably notice a bunch of differences. You could see open water at the base of the falls where the ice had not fully formed. There were big openings between the frozen falls where you could see behind it. There were a bunch of people that were taking advantage of the opportunity do to just that.  They were getting some of the amazing shots.

Under the Falls

Creek Walkway

As a warning, going to the base of the frozen falls is prohibited and very illegal. They have barricades up and no trespassing signs all over the place. The stairs that they have opened during the summer are not maintained in the winter, so they were pretty icy. It is not safe for you to go down there, even if you are just planning on staying on the paved trails. The people that walked on the ice, they were just crazy. You are putting yourself at risk along with anyone else that may be trying to recuse you. In 2017, one person was injured by falling ice. 


I am so happy that we took this little day trip. We had so much fun taking all kinds of pictures in this little winter oasis. In case anyone was wondering… we did do another mitten and boot check after returning to the car and came back with all 4 pairs! I call it a success. For more great waterfalls to check out in the Twin Cities, check out 6 Stunning Waterfalls Near Minneapolis!

Rock Ledge

Looking for something to do this winter in the Twin Cities? Minnehaha Falls will not disappoint. Here is your guide on how to get the best view of Minneapolis. #TwinCities | Family Fun | Frozen Waterfall | Winter | Minnesota | Minneapolis | Outdoors

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