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16 Best Wineries in Minnesota in 2024

Minnesota might not be the first state that comes to mind when thinking of wineries, but it’s a hidden gem for wine lovers. With its unique climate and variety of grapes grown in the region, Minnesota has a robust winery scene. So, let’s dive into the best wineries that Minnesota has to offer.

I first fell in love with day tripping thanks to finding out that Minnesota has wineries! I always thought it was funny when my parents would tell me about all their wineries, they visited on out of state trips.

Thanks to Minnestoa cold-hardy grapes, we have a thriving scene in Minnesota. From attending to grape stomps, to getting wine flights. These are some of the best adventures. 

How Many Wineries Are In Minnesota?

Minnesota may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of wine production, but there are over 100 wineries in the state.

The University of Minnesota has even developed cold-resistant grape varieties that are suitable for the local climate. Minnesota wineries produce both white and red wines, as well as fruity and sweet blends using grapes sourced from other states. The Minnesota winery scene is small but growing in popularity. 

What Is The Largest Winery In Minnesota?

The largest winery in Minnesota is the Carlos Creek Winery, located in Alexandria, MN. It was established in 1999 and boasts over 20 different kinds of wine produced from grapes grown in Minnesota.

The winery also has a vineyard on-site, as well as a tasting room and restaurant. Other notable wineries in Minnesota include the Alexis Bailly Vineyard, one of the oldest wineries in the state and known for its red wine.

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What are the best wineries in Minnesota?

Parley Lake Winery

Parley Lake Winery, located in Waconia, MN, is one of the best wineries in Minnesota. Its tasting room is set in a beautiful lakefront setting.

The winery produces delicious wines using grapes grown on their estate vineyard as well as other Minnesota vineyards. They also offer a wine club that gives access to exclusive wines and discounts.

Parley Lake Winery is a must-visit winery in Minnesota for anyone who appreciates good wine and a scenic atmosphere.

Parley Lake Vines

Cannon River Winery

Cannon River Winery, located in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, is an award-winning winery and vineyard. Named one of the best wineries in Minnesota, visitors can sip on delicious wine while enjoying beautiful scenery and live music.

The vineyard and winery offers wine tastings of their award-winning wines. The winery is in the historic downtown, with a vineyard offsite. You can visit the vineyard during different events.

Summer Nights are the best. When the weather is nice, they’ll open up the door and let the breeze roll in.

Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls MN

Crow River Winery

Crow River Winery is a popular winery located in Hutchinson, MN. They offer a wide variety of exclusive wines and wine tastings in their tasting room.

The winery also boasts a beautiful vineyard and is known as one of the best wineries in Minnesota.

Guests can enjoy live music while sipping on their favorite wine. Take a tour of the winery to learn about the winemaking process while there.

They host many events throughout the year. This includes a grape stomp, and a corn maze in the fall. Check it out!

Stomping Grapes Grape Stomp at Crow River Winery in Hutchinson MN.

Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery

Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery is a family-owned business housed in southeastern Minnesota. It is known for its award-winning wines made from the grapes grown in their own vineyards.

The vineyard and winery also offer a wide variety of white wines, as well as Loon Juice, a popular hard cider.

Visitors can enjoy a wine tasting experience in the cozy and inviting tasting room. Just outside is the surrounding vineyard and winery. 

Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery Barn

Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery

Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery is a family-owned winery located in Kimball, Minnesota. The winery has of 15 labels of award-winning wines produced from the grapes grown onsite at the Millner Heritage vineyard.

Visitors can embark on a tour of the winery and enjoy a wine tasting along with live music.

It is the perfect place to sip a glass of wine with friends while taking in the beautiful landscape of a working vineyard.

Sovereign Estates Winery

Sovereign Estates Winery, nestled in the rolling hills of Waconia, is a must-visit spot for wine lovers. With a variety of events throughout the year, visitors can experience everything from live music to grape stomping.

Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through tastings and wine pairings to help you find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Also check out their great holiday events. In the winter, they have a great Christmas light display.

Sovereign Estates Winery in Winter

Schram Vineyards, Winery & Brewery 

Schram Vineyards, Winery & Brewery is a popular destination located in Waconia, Minnesota. Situated overlooking the lake, the winery offers stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Along with their variety of wines, they also have a brewery and frequently host food trucks. Visitors can enjoy their beverages and bites in the outdoor seating area, or play some bocce ball.

Wine at Schram Vineyard in Southern Minnesota

Saint Croix Vineyards

Saint Croix Vineyards, located outside of Minneapolis near Stillwater, is a family-owned winery that produces award-winning wines.

They offer wine tasting flights and also have live music events. Saint Croix Vineyards is a perfect spot for wine lovers who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while sipping on delicious wine.

WineHaven Winery & Vineyard

Winehaven Winery, located in Chisago, is one of the best wineries in Minnesota. It has been producing wine for more than 20 years and has won numerous awards for their delicious wine.

Winehaven’s winery tour is a must-try, as visitors get the chance to peek into its cellar and learn about the wine-making process.

Carlos Creek Winery

Carlos Creek Winery, situated in Alexandria, is another excellent winery in Minnesota. They grow over 20 different grape varieties and offer more than 20 different wines.

Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine in its beautiful tasting room while learning about their winemaking process. 

They are also home to the largest grape stomping festival in the state. Make sure to get your name on the list ahead of time, because this festival is one you don’t want to miss.

All you need to know about MN first Grape Stomp at Carlos Creek Winery | Fall Festival | Fun | Wine | Drink Local | Minnesota Traditions

Falconer Vineyards

Falconer Vineyards, in the scenic town of Red Wing, MN, offers visitors a unique experience in Minnesota wine country.

This family-owned vineyard and winery produces exceptional wines made from locally grown grapes, including their signature Minnesota grape, the Marquette.

Visitors to their tasting room can sip on an array of red and white wines, as well as award-winning ciders made from apples grown on the neighboring Millner Heritage Vineyard.

A short drive from the Twin Cities, you’ll taste superb wines in a picturesque setting.

Morgan Creek Vineyards

Morgan Creek Vineyards is a charming winery and vineyard located in New Ulm, MN. The vineyard offers a variety of delicious wines that are created using high-quality grapes.

The winery is often ranked among the best wineries in MN.

Alexis Bailly Vineyard

Alexis Bailly Vineyard, located in Hastings, Minnesota, is Minnesota’s oldest winery. It was first established in 1973, and has worked to cultivate quality grapes and produce quality wines.

The winery’s location near the Upper Mississippi River Valley provides ideal conditions for growing grapes. Alexis Bailly Vineyard is a great destination for wine lovers.

If you are eager to taste Minnesota’s best wines and enjoy a beautiful vineyard scenery, check it out. 

Urban Forage Winery and Cider House

Urban Forage Winery and Cider House offers a unique experience of locally made beverages in Minneapolis. Their selection includes natural ciders, meads, and fruit wines, all made with fruits sourced from within the city.

Visitors can enjoy a glass of their favorite wine by the glass, or sample multiple flavors with a tasting flight. 

Salem Glen Winery

Salem Glen Winery is a family-owned and operated boutique winery located in southern Minnesota. They specialize in creating small batches of award-winning wines, that can only be found at their picturesque vineyards.

Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, delicious wood-fired pizza, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside. 

Wild Mountain Winery

Wild Mountain Winery is a family-run vineyard in Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota. The winery specializes in fruit and grape wines made from locally sourced produce.

Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, live music, and food pairings in the scenic tasting room. The winery also hosts weddings and private events. 

What is the Minnesota wine trail?

The Minnesota Wine Trail is a network of wineries and vineyards that extends from the southeastern part of the state to the North Shore.

Cannon River Winery, located in southeastern Minnesota, is the perfect starting point for a wine trail tour. They produce high-quality wines from Minnesota-grown grapes, and visitors can enjoy a glass of wine with a beautiful view of the surrounding vineyard. 

Parley Lake Winery, located in Waconia, is another great winery along the Minnesota Wine Trail. They produce many different wines, including red, white, and fruit wines. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine in its beautiful tasting room while learning about their winemaking process.

Schram Vineyards, situated in the Twin Cities area, is a lovely winery that offers an extensive selection of wines. They have a charming tasting room and patio that visitors can enjoy while sipping delicious wine.

Which Minnesota vineyards and wineries offer tastings?

You can get a wine tasting, glass and or flight at any Minnesota Winery.

When it comes to tastings, Crow River Winery located in Hutchinson offers an excellent experience. They produce wine from the grapes grown in their vineyard and offer tastings of their award-winning wines. Visitors can also explore the vineyard and participate in different events throughout the year.

Alexis Bailly Vineyard and Winery, located in Hastings, is another great spot that offers a unique tasting experience. They produce wine and cider, and visitors can enjoy a glass of wine or cider with a cheese plate while taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding vineyard.

Four Daughters, located in the southeastern part of the state, is another great winery that offers unique wine tastings. They produce many different wines, and their tasting room has a modern and stylish vibe.

What is the atmosphere like at Minnesota wineries?

The atmosphere at Minnesota Wineries is often laid back, especially during off season. Stroll up to the bar, or find a table and get to know your wines.

During the summertime, expect to see larger crowds with visitors overflowing onto the patio and exploring the vineyards.

Barrels of Wine down a long hallway

Morgan Creek Vineyards, located in New Ulm, has a warm and inviting atmosphere. They serve many different wines, including red, white, and fruit wines. The tasting room has a rustic feel, and visitors can enjoy a glass of wine with a cheese plate while taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding vineyard.

What are the top events at Minnesota wineries?

Live music events at Saint Croix Vineyards are one of the most popular events in the Minnesota winery scene. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while listening to live music in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Grape Stomping and harvest festivals are always a crowd favorite with a chance for you to get in on the action. For a list of grape stomps taking place in Minnesota, make sure to check out: The Complete List of Minnesota Grape Stomp Festivals. I’ve also got my award wining tips.

Alexis Bailly Vineyard and Winery is a perfect spot for wine and cider lovers. They offer a unique experience where visitors can enjoy wine, cider, and cheese plates.

Wine tastings at Cannon River Winery are another popular event in the Minnesota wine scene. Visitors can taste their award-winning wines and take a tour of the winery.

Minnesota’s Wine Culture

Minnesota’s winery scene has much to offer for wine lovers. These are just a few of the best wineries in Minnesota that visitors can enjoy. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking to try something new, the wineries in Minnesota offer a unique and delightful experience. 

Whether you’re in Minneapolis, Chisago, or any other city in MN, you’re sure to find a great vineyard and winery nearby. 

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