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8 Best Goat Farms in Minnesota

The Best Goat farms in MN offer fresh goods with farm tours, products, camping, yoga, and even some mini golf. These goat farms around Minnesota are a great way to learn more about farming and get the whole family smiling.

Plus buying from local growers helps reward the hard work they do and brings back to the community.

We’ve all seen goats at the MN Zoo or a petting zoo before, but nothing beats the experience on a real farm. This past summer we got to stop in and meet a few kids (aka baby goats) at the Gale Woods Farm.

They were so adorable.

Each goat farm has a different theme to them. Offering nutritious food from the farm store, or goat milk products.

But if you want to level up your goat experience, you need to check out these amazing Goat Farms in MN.

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8 of the Best Goat Farms in Minnesota

Popular Hill Dairy Goat Farm

Location: 12521 Mayberry Tr. N., Scandia, MN 55073

The Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm is the oldest Grade A Dairy farm in the state.

Stop by to get a tour of the farm, including meeting their herd of over 600 dairy goats. They have many different breeds of dairy goats.

View the milking parlor, milk a goat by hand, and get the chance to feed some goats. They offer a full tour for groups of 10. Or with smaller groups, you can interact, hold and feed baby goats.

Stop into the store and check out the full line of amazing products available at their store.

Eicher’s Hobby Farm

Location: Avon MN

In central Minnesota Eicher’s Hobby Farm, offerings all-natural skin care products made primarily from goat’s milk to create a healthy mind.

They offer goat milk soap, lotions, body creams, and lip balms. Everything contains over 50% goat’s milk. You can buy their products online or in person. You’ll just need to call for an appointment.

Gray Hobby Farm

Location: Prior Lake

Offering up goat yoga and tours! Gray Hobby Farm is a great place to visit close to the city. This small family farm has some fun activities.

Register for a yoga class, or schedule a farm tour to meet the goats. With 11 goats, 50 chickens, 2 ducks, 1 turkey, 1 dog, and over 20 different types of organic fruits and vegetables are grown on-site, you’ll have a great time.

Goat Farms in Minnesota

Dancing on the Land Farm

Location: Clearwater

Want a unique experience, why not camp on a farm? Offering a glamping experience, you’ll get the opportunity to be as much or as little farm life as you want.

Stop at their farm’s store and get some great produce and ingredient for your cookout. Or see if they are in need of volunteers for farm jobs.

You may even get to meet some of the goats they have on the property. Dancing on the Land Farm is a family affair and it shows with all the care they take.

The Hayloft

Location: Hastings MN

Looking for a farm light experience? Try out The Hayloft goat yoga program. Each class lasts an hour long with 45 minutes of yoga and another 15 minutes of cuddle time.

The class is designed for beginners age 12 and up, or a family goat yoga class for 5 and up. It’s all smiles.

Goat yoga is held outdoors in their play yard.

Wildroot Goat Yoga

Location: Nowthen MN

Yoga has never been more fun than at Wildroot. They offer yoga classes through the spring and summer. Classes are held outdoors.

The best part is you’ll leave with some professional photos just to prove that you did it. They capture everything during and after class 🙂

In addition to the fun at Goat Yoga, don’t forget to check out their farm goods. Selling Goat milk soaps, creams, and fresh eggs.

Gale Woods Farm

Location: 7210 County Rd 110 W, Minnetrista, MN 55364

Part of Three Rivers Park District, Gale Woods Farm, this free-working farm is a great way to visit with the animals.

Located a few miles west of the Twin Cities, you’ll have a great time exploring and meeting the farm animals. Check out online for the different programs they offer.

The most popular is Saturday Mornings on the Farm. You’ll get to explore the barn, meet the animals and do some seasonal activities. Open Year Round

Gale Woods Farm is a great experience any time of year. Check out my full review: Things to do at Gale Woods Farm


Big Stone Mini Golf

Location: 110 County Rd 110 W, Minnetrista, MN 55364

I’m not sure which came first, the mini golf or the farm. This is a nontraditional goat adventure but it’s an amazing experience. At Big Stone Mini Golf start off with a round of golf through the artist-inspired mini golf course.

Then warp it up by wandering around on the property. First up are the goats. In the springtime look for the newest additions to the herd. The goats are really friendly.

Around the corner, you’ll see ducks wandering around by the pond. A little further back is another goat area. Throughout the entire property, you’ll find some amazing sculptures too!

Check out some of these other great Mini Golf Experiences around the Twin Cities: 24 Best Mini Golf Courses in Minnesota

Goats at Big Stone Golf

What are my favorite goat farms in Minnesota?

The best goat farms in Minnesota are located all around the state. I don’t have a favorite location as long as it’s springtime. That’s when you can interact with the newest ones.

Everyone in the family has a great time. It all depends on why you are visiting a goat farm. For the farm shop or the quirky activities, MN has a perfect one for you.

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