Dorthy's Ruby Red Slippers

Another Accomplice Indicted in Ruby Slipper Caper

The Judy Garland Museum Heist Gets Curiouser and Curiouser.

Just when you thought the infamous Ruby Slipper theft case couldn’t get any weirder, the saga takes another bizarre turn. A federal grand jury has indicted a second man, Jerry Hal Saliterman of Crystal, Minnesota, for his alleged role in the brazen heist nearly two decades ago.

The charges, according to the indictment unsealed on Sunday, 76-year-old Saliterman is facing one count of theft of major artwork for receiving, concealing, and disposing of the Ruby slippers, despite knowing they were stolen property.

But that’s not all – he’s also been charged with witness tampering for allegedly threatening to distribute compromising videos of a woman unless she kept her mouth shut about the theft.

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A Sinister Sidekick?

This indictment comes hot on the ruby-red heels of the charges brought against Terry Jon Martin last year. The 77-year-old Grand Rapids native confessed to smashing his way into the Judy Garland Museum in 2005 and snatching the iconic slippers using a sledgehammer.

But was he acting alone, or did he have an accomplice in the form of Saliterman?

A Twisted Tale

Unfortunately, the indictment against Saliterman is disappointingly light on details, leaving us to speculate about his exact role in the daring theft.

How did he get his hands on the slippers? What was his relationship to Martin? And what kind of twisted individual tries to silence a witness with threats of releasing scandalous videos?

The Plot Thickens

Saliterman made his initial court appearance on Friday, where he was granted release with a few conditions, including attending future hearings and staying put in Minnesota.

His attorney, John Brink, insists his client is innocent, claiming, “He hasn’t done anything wrong.” But with a criminal record that includes felony convictions for theft and possession of burglary tools, Saliterman certainly seems like a suspect worthy of scrutiny.

An Iconic Artifact Recovered

Let’s not forget the stars of this show – the Ruby slippers themselves. One of only four known pairs worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz,” these iconic artifacts were finally recovered in Minneapolis in 2018 after disappearing for over a decade.

Appraised at a staggering $3.5 million, their safe return was a victory for fans of the film and preservationists alike.

Ruby Slippers Wizard of Oz

A Cliffhanger Ending?

With Saliterman’s indictment, the Ruby slipper saga seems to be reaching its climax. But as any good storyteller knows, you can’t have a satisfying conclusion without first tying up all the loose ends.

Authorities will undoubtedly be working to unravel the remaining mysteries surrounding this audacious theft, leaving us all on the edges of our seats in anticipation of the final chapter.

I’ll keep you posted!

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