Can Sharks and Alligators Live in Minnesota Lakes?

Can Sharks and Alligators Live in Minnesota Lakes?

Have you ever wondered if creatures like sharks or alligators could live in Minnesota’s lakes?

After all the Mississippi River, provides an route for them to come up. And lets not get stated on Lake Superior.

It’s a fair question – our minds can run wild with “what if” scenarios. Don’t worry, the chance of encountering these creatures in our local waters is extremely unlikely.

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Can Sharks live in MN Lakes?

Sharks prefer saltwater and warmer temperatures. In the United States, there is only one shark that could make it’s way up north.

It’s the Bull Shark. This is one of the most deadly sharks and has been known to travel up to 700 feet upstream in the Missisissippi River.

They like warm shallow waters.

But they are not considered “true river sharks” because they migrate to saltwater to reproduce.

But with the lenght it would have to travel toget up north, it would most likley have retreated back to the ocean.

Our freshwater lakes don’t provide an environment suitable for them.

While startling, occasional shark sightings in landlocked states are attributed to aquarium releases or pets escaping into rivers. Not ideal shark habitat!

Can Alligators live in Minnesota Lakes and Rivers?

Alligators and crocodiles favor tropical climates down south. Our frigid winters alone make Minnesota an inhospitable home for them.

They are cold blooded and depend on a warmer climate to survive.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the American Alligator can be found as far north as North Carolina as far west as eastern Texas.

They are usually foudn in sow-moving freshwater rivers, but also inhabits swamps, marshes, and lakes.

Very rare alligator sightings up north are chalked up to abandoned pets facing certain demise in the cold.

Alligator on the Mississippi

How likely is it you’ll find yourself face to face with either of these in Minnesota?

The reality is, while it’s not impossible, it’s improbable.

The most dangrous thing you’ll find in a MN lake is a Snapping Turtle. They have such a powerful bite, they can take off your finger or toe.

The snapping turtles are found in ponds, lakes, marshes, rivers and creeks.

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