Severe Corn Maze in Shakopee

10 things to do at Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee

The Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee is the way I love starting out Fall. This is one of the fall festivals that I look forward to every year.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve visited, but one thing is for sure, every year we find something new and exciting to day.

When Severs Fall Festival reached out to me this year to stop by, I couldn’t say no.

Severs Fall Festival provided me with tickets in exchange for reviewing their maze. This in no way affects my opinions.

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The Severs Corn Maze Legacy

The Severs family held its first Corn Maze in 1997 at their location in Eden Prairie. It was in the shape of a T-Rex. The Severs wanted to build a maze that was reminiscent of the hedge mazes in Europe.

They were the second people to do this in the United States and the first to do it anywhere in the Midwest. Now it’s become synonymous with Midwestern Fall Traditions.

I actually attended their first Corn Maze with my Dad. It was amazing.

Severs Fall Festival and Corn Maze
Severs Barrel Man Art work

The Top 10 Free Things To Do at Severs Corn Maze

They have a lot to do there for every age group, from the huge pit of corn to a zip line, to an exotic animal petting zoo. The nice thing about Severs Corn Maze is that almost everything is included in the cost of admission.

They do charge for a few things, like pony rides, pumpkin chucking, the giant slide, and hayrides. Even then, it’s a small fee. But you won’t find many instances of telling your kids ‘no’ to costly add ons.

The Corn Pit

If you were to tell me that the best part about a corn maze was jumping into a giant pit of corn, I would have said you are crazy.

This has become a must-visit destination at any festival. At the Severs Fall Festival, they have two different corn pits designed for both younger and older kids.

The younger kids have a corn pit, with a smaller slide in it. This is the perfect place to do some fall family pictures, and bury yourself up to your neck in corn.

The Corn Pit at Severs Corn Maze

The extreme corn pit is where those go that have a little more energy. Complete with rope swings, and jungle gym equipment you can really let loose. I had so much fun watching the kids, I had to give it a try myself.

I couldn’t stop laughing, but there comes a time when we realize we may be too old for this.The rope swing was my moment.

Pro Tips for the corn pit

When entering a corn pit, wear tight clothing. Ladies, if you can put a tank top on that will hug you tightly all the way over your bottom, you’ll be in a full-body suit with no place for corn to creep in.

Remove all rings, money, keys, and everything else you wish to keep safe. Every time we go, there is always someone saying, “OMG I lost my…”

Also, corn is dusty, especially earlier in the season. If you want to have fun, sometimes you got to get a little dirty.

The Corn Maze

To pay tribute to their first maze, the theme this year was Dinosaurs. The maze was a giant T-Rex with supporting dinosaurs around the outside. The markers A-Z have fun with dinosaur facts.

If you collect them all, you can go online and answer a trivia question for a chance to win a $500 prize.

This was the first year with the kids we decided to do the maze as intended and found marker A-Z. It was a lot of fun. We took pictures of every single marker to help us out with the trivia at the end.

Severs Corn Maze

Pro Tips for the maze

The maze was a lot of fun and easy to navigate with the right amount of challenge. But if you do get lost, don’t worry: there are attendants throughout to help you navigate out. There is also a water station and bathrooms at the opposite end.

If you go with kids, I highly recommend taking a picture of them at each marker. Then, when you are done, put them all together. It was hilarious.

The level of enthusiasm goes down with each and at one point I started to get the evil glare.

If you’re going into the Maze after 7 pm, they recommend that you bring a flashlight. I’d also consider bringing bug spray or long sleeves early in the season. As far as mosquitos go, I only ran into a few.

If you struggle with navigation or want to teach your child about it, bring a compass and let them read the map.With modern phones, this is a perfect life lesson to teach them.


The Straw Bale Maze

The straw bale maze is a lot of fun for younger kids. Just tall enough for a 5-year-old to see over but safe enough to let your toddler run through without worry about losing them in there.

The maze has tandem entrances and exits. We used this as the perfect opportunity for us to race through the maze.

Unfortunately, one got stuck in a mud pile halfway through and had to escape by climbing on top of the straw. But it was all laughs with no harm done.

Straw Bale Maze

Jumping Pillows

The Severs Corn Maze does an excellent job of making sure all of their guests have a fun and safe time at all their attractions. It’s one thing I’ve always loved about them.

The Jumping Pillows is no exception. With the additional space of their new location, they’ve been able to add in additional pillows. They’ve designated one pillow for younger kids, and one for older kids.

Jumping Pillows

Obstacle Course

One of the new additions to the fall festival is the obstacle course. Using some basic things like balance beams and walls, this was a popular attraction. Kids could climb up vertical walls, angled walls, and push themselves to the limits.

Obstacle Course

Petting Zoo Animal Feeding

In addition to the parakeets, Severs Corn Maze also had an amazing animal petting zoo brought to you from the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd.

They have a large variety of animals you wouldn’t normally expect to see at a petting Zoo. They come from all over the world, including camels, llamas, mini donkeys, goats, alpacas, and more.

The animals were all excited to see us even though we didn’t have food. You can purchase a cup of food.

I fell in love with a few.

Zip Lining

Sever’s Corn Maze expanded its ziplines this year. It’s not like the traditional ziplines you think of with harnesses. These were seated to make them a little safer for everyone.

You can choose from a variety of different sizes to make you more comfortable. Run the rope the to platform where the staff is there to help you get situated and off you go. People of all ages were partaking.

If there was no line, you could go back and do it as many times as you like.

zip lining at severs corn maze
Zip lining in shakopee

Play Areas

Playgrounds, Tires, and Trains. Severs knows what makes kids happy. If your kids still have energy after everything else they’ve done, they won’t by the time they are done.

They brought their train structure with them from their last location, which younger kids love playing on.

They also have a giant tire pile for kids to scale. It’s also where they’ll get a birds-eye view of some of the other great things to do like the playground structure and zip lining.

tire pile

Pig Races

After spending so much time on your feet, it’s nice to sit down and watch some of the shows. Severs Corn Maze has pig races, you’ll want to check out for yourself.

Pig Races
Photo Courtesy of Severs Fall Festival

Listen to some music

They also have live music playing from Blue Ox Jazz Babies that sets the tone for the whole day.

On the other half of the place, you’ll find interactive music designed for younger kids. It’s a full-blown dance party. When that’s not going on you can find a magician and other performers.

Blue Oz Jazz Babies

Walk a Llama

One of the highlights of Severs Corn Maze is getting to walk a Llama. It is a family favorite as you can get up close to these lovable creatures and even give them a hug.

We found our llama to be more interested in the clover on the ground than walking with us, so we just chilled. I mean, who can blame him?

The Llamas are a great addition to Severs Corn Maze in Shakopee.

What to eat at Severs Corn Maze?

Severs Corn Maze has everything on-site, including delicious food. They have all the favorites, including mini donuts, corn and more.

The food is offered on both sides of the park, so you can always find something delicious. They have seating and tent areas for respite.

Tasty Treats at Severs
Food Truck Burrito

They also have drink stands located throughout the festival. Officially dubbed a beer garden, they have Minnesota favorites. Surly Oktoberfest Brews, Bent Paddle Hazy IPA, Gray Duck Bomba Juice and others. And of course Severs Corn Maze has plenty of Soda’s and water to go around.

What else is there to do there?

Severs Fall Festival has a lot to do. In addition to the free activities, you can also purchase some pumpkins for carving or load them up in their cannons.

Severs has a Giant Slide that rivals the MN State Fair. You can get some serious speed going down this one, so be careful.

You can also take a hayride through the corn filed!

How to get Discount Tickets Severs Corn Maze?

Severs Corn Maze has a few ticketing options. The best discount is before the start of the season. Otherwise, I recommend buying online.

There is not a cost-savings, but you’ll skip the lines. Children 3 and under are free. Groups, Seniors, and the Military get $3 off.

Severs Corn Maze Tickets

How to get To Severs Corn Maze

One of the few downsides to Severs Corn Maze moving locations is that they now share an exit on 169 with the Renaissance Festival.

This used to be a huge problem in years past, but the Renaissance Festival has changed up their parking. With most people arriving by shuttle now, you will find yourself only slowing down for the exit.

Make sure to stay right and turn over the bridge, so you don’t accidentally find yourself in the Renaissance Festival lot.

Parking is free, so if someone asks you to pay, you are in the wrong spot!

How long do I need at Severs Corn Maze?

Most people spend anywhere from 2–3 hrs exploring everything. You could easily spend the day there. They stop selling tickets 1.5 hours before closing.

What to wear to Severs Corn Maze?

Remember, you are going on a farm. Dress appropriately. Leave the heals at home. They have shaded areas, but much is out in the open. Prepare for the sun.

Can I bring a Stroller to Severs Corn Maze?

While it is ADA and Stroller accessible, it can get muddy. As far as Corn Mazes go, this is one of the best ones in the city. You won’t have a problem getting around.

More Fall Fun

But if you’re up for a little drive, you should check out the Corn Maze at Crow River Winery | A Wine Lovers Dream! There are also 14 other Corn Mazes in the Twin Cities to Visit! While in the area, don’t forget to check out the other fun things to do in Shakopee MN.

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